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Conference Tour

Gathering Time: 14:30, May 21
Gathering Place: Registration Counter
Tour Fare: free for full registration participant, NTD 1,000 for student and accompanying person

Lanyang Museum
Lanyang Museum is housed in a building that exists in harmony with the earth. The main structure of the building is situated at the northwest side of the ruins in Wushigang Harbor; its aim is to conserve the wetland’s natural resources. Due to its unique exterior design, the museum has become a famous landmark in Yilan.

Toucheng Old Street
During the Qing dynasty, it became a highly prosperous economic center due to its proximity to the Wushi Harbor, which was the only commercial harbor in the Lanyang area at that time. The signs of wear and tear on the walls attest to the overall flourishing and fading of Old Street.

Optional Tour

Gathering Time: 12:10, May 21
Gathering Place: Registration Counter
Tour Fare: NTD 1,500 for registration participant, NTD 2,000 for accompanying person
Minimum Number of Participants: 10
NOTE: 100% fee will be refunded if the tour is canceled due to bad weather.

Whale Watching
Enjoy an unforgettable journey with dolphins and flying fish jumping out the water near the boat.