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Gathering Time: 13:00, September 16
Gathering Place: Registration Counter
Tour Fare: free for full registration participant, NTD 1,000 for student and accompanying person
Penghu Great Bridge (Trans-Ocean Bridge)

The Trans-Ocean Bridge spans Houmen (Roaring Gate) Channel, linking the islands of Baisha and Xiyu. At 2,494 meters, it is the first sea-crossing bridge in the far eastern. Walking the length of the bridge, viewing the awesome oceanic vistas, listening to the roaring tides, and feeling the bracing sea breezes, is a uniquely refreshing experience.

Daguoye Columnar Basalt

During the Japanese occupation, a wharf was planned to be built at the seaside of Daguoye to improve marine communications between Magong Island and Xiyu. While the workers were digging earth and stones away, they found the impressive columnar basalt which had been buried and had been in sound sleep for thousands of years.

Erkan Historical House

Old traditional-style houses are among the most engrossing of Penghu's many cultural attractions. Besides the scholar's residence in the Xingren neighborhood of Magong and the old Jang Bai-wan house in Waganng Township on Baisha Island, there is a well-preserved century-old residential complex in Erkan Village.

Xiaomen Islet

Xiaomen is a small island. On the northwestern coast of the island is Whale Cave, a large hole in an eroded columnar basalt formation that is said to resemble a whale when viewed from a distance.