Special Events

«   IPSJ/UBI Workshop

ICCE-TW and IPSJ/UBI would co-organize the workshopsduring the conference. Please don’t miss this opportunity to join us!

«   Special Subsidy

The participant whose papers are accepted at both ICCE-TW 2015 & 2016 will have chance to get a subsidy! There would be 5 to 10 recipients could win about NTD 10,000 respectively. If your qualification satisfies the requirement above, please mail your recommendation letter to conference secretary by April 29.

«   Special Issue on JLPEA

JLPEA launches a special issue “Ultra-Low Power VLSI Design for Emerging Applications” to publish extended papers after ICCE-TW 2016. The submission deadline is on August 31, 2016. Please click the banner below for more information.

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Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs


Ms. Jessie Ou

Secretary of IEEE 2016 ICCE-TW

Tel:+886-2-8226-1010 ext.65

Email: iccetw@gmail.com